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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brett & Heather lure me back to Weddings

Willingness is the key! This moment my attention is focused on gratitude for willingness to raise my arms holding equipment that records images. And, to have willing subject's without them none of it is possible. Heather & Brett are getting married in a few weeks, a friend mentioned me, we met and they invited me to shoot it. So, last night I invited them over to the studio, we laughed, I ordered them around a bit, and here are a few of the results.

Another thought hits me just now. As I look at these pictures this morning I remember the anxiety I felt before the shoot. The studio door was broken, little things were not where I wanted them, I actually had to work. When Brett and Heather showed up, as we connected, they shared a bit about their own fears, we talked about it, the self conscious worry about outcomes. Pretty soon, we all relaxed and began to create. Today, as I have done hundreds of times, I wonder why we do that, maybe it is the creative spark we need to do the deed. Maybe that little feeling of butterflies, or slight anxiety is exactly what we must feel right before we have a breakthru and create something new.

So come on Universe, bring me some more butterflies!

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Connie said...

Good for you Chris!! I am excited for you and eager to see all that you create. You go my friend!!!

Chris Boswell said...

Oh Connie, you SO make me smile!

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